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Youth Perspective - Hydroponics

In order to keep resources accessible to our indoor planting system, we had 2 teens here at Grow Windham take care of our hydroponics room, making sure everything remains clean and in order. From the words of our volunteers, they were there to rearrange the structure of how everything was placed, overall making sure there was enough accessibility to certain tools. Lightening the weight of the cabinets in our hydroponics room to rearrange them, as well as to clean them and provide more space to make it a more pleasant view to the eye. Moreover, making sure that every tool at our disposal is of quality, our volunteers made sure to separate and cautiously go through the many seedbags in our facility, to differentiate what's good and what bad. 

Though cleaning was the main goal, this does not undermine the plant care, as our volunteers also tended to the growing stock, broccoli. Going through each pot of broccoli and cutting the overgrown roots, this ensures proper water flow without the excess buildup of rooted material. 

Overall it was only 2 ½ hours of cleaning, for the growing system itself it's only after they had arranged them in a different location when they had to change the water, this is done after to make for more sanitary environments, so the chemicals from cleaning don't contaminate the water. 

The final objective was adjusting the PH levels, this ensures that the nutrients bond better with the plants for it to absorb. All that was accomplished that day will hopefully provide more space for easier access to the system. In the words of our volunteers, the experience was "hard" and “tedious,” although they expressed their feelings of satisfaction in providing a cleaner environment for our plants and system. 

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