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Our Partners


The Windham Regional Community Council Inc.:

WRCC is our home, providing administrative and logistical support for our programming.


The Windham Public Schools:
WPS partner with GROW Windham at three levels.

  • The Before and After School Programs partner with GROW Windham to support garden- and food-based activities for local youth.

  • The Food Services Director partners with GROW Windham staff to work with middle school students to develop recipes for the school lunch menu.

  • Classroom Teachers work with GROW Windham to develop food- and garden-based curriculum units that are implemented and then stored in “lesson kits” that are made available to other teachers in the district and across the state.

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EASTCONN partners with GROW Windham through its Summer Youth Employment Program, which provides stipends for Windham Youth CORE Participants.

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WAIM (The Windham Area Interfaith Ministry):

WAIM is the coordinator of the Lauter Park Community Garden. GROW Windham supports the communal half of that garden by sponsoring volunteer workdays and youth garden activities, and coordinated the construction of a new shed and outdoor classroom at the site.


The Willimantic Food Co-op:

The Willimantic Food Co-op is one of the founding members of the GROW Windham collaborative. They provide financial and logistical support for both youth and community programs.


The Garden Club of Willimantic:

The Garden Club of Willimantic has supported many GROW Windham projects with materials and expertise, and contributes financial support toward the cost share for GROW Windham’s AmeriCorps service members.

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Eastern Connecticut State University Center For Community Engagement :

ECSU's CCE has arranged for ECSU volunteers in countless GROW Windham projects, and has established a service-learning collaboration between faculty and GROW Windham for students to engage in community service to fulfill academic requirements.

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UCONN and ECSU Student Organizations:

UCONN and ECSU Student Organizations partner with GROW Windham to support community projects and also to serve as volunteers and mentors for the Windham Youth CORE.


Local Food Providers (The Covenant Soup Kitchen, ACCESS Agency):

Local Food Providers partner with GROW Windham on a variety of community food projects, including the SNAP “Double Bucks” Program and the Produce Prescription Program.


The Town of Windham:

 The Town of Windham supports GROW Windham at many levels.

  • The Public Works Department hosts our Thread City Family Garden in Lauter Park, and regularly donates material and services to local garden projects.

  • The Agriculture/Open Space/Conservation Commission provides financial and logistical support for GROW Windham projects, and is a partner with GROW Windham in support of the Willimantic Farmers Market.

  • The Department of Recreation Summer Camp, located at Lauter Park, is one of our Partner Youth Programs.

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CLiCK (Commercially Licensed Cooperative Kitchen):

CLiCK is a local non-profit commercial kitchen where the Windham Youth CORE makes their “Frog Fire/Fuego de Rana” sofrito, hot sauce and enchilada sauce.


University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension:

UCONN Extension is the host site for both the CT Food Justice VISTA Project, and Solid Ground Farmers Trainings.


EO Smith Agriculture/Technical Program:

The EO Smith Agriculture/Technical Program partners with GROW Windham at the Thread City Family Garden, providing expertise, student interns, and resources particularly from the greenhouse, which grows hundreds of seedlings for area community gardens and the Plant-a-Row Program.

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