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The Bigger Boat

Much like the three gentlemen who set out to save their town from an animatronic shark, we’re going to need a bigger space.

The turnout in attendance for Maya Sheppard’s Intro to Organizing workshop was nothing short of impressive. The first workshop from November consisted of members of our Windham Youth CORE. However, Intro to Organizing from Saturday, December 2nd, had members of the Windham Youth CORE being joined by individuals from around the community, additional members of Hearing Youth Voices, as well as members from the Windham PRIDE Coalition. The space at GROW Windham was jam packed in the best possible way.

Workdays such as the one we had on December 2nd truly exemplify what this Collective is all about. We had numerous members from multiple organizations coming together to all work and learn together to strengthen our respective movements, whether it be food justice, substance abuse prevention, or youth advocacy in general. 

What stood out from Maya’s lesson more specifically is that there seems to be no one right way to start a movement such as this. During the workshop, Maya and her colleagues from Hearing Youth Voices had us all break out into 5 separate groups. They handed out slips of paper with an individual step for a campaign process written on each one, and every group had to try and put those steps in order for how to best conduct a campaign. No one group had the same answer, and yet they were all correct on some level due to the teamwork and critical thinking that went into the process of organizing these steps. 

Given how many more people showed up to this workshop from partnering organizations, we stand in great anticipation of what the next workshop will look like, and wonder if we’re going to need a bigger meeting space.

In the pictures below, you will see how a couple of groups interpreted the assignment and how they would go about organizing a campaign.

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