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New Voices

This past Fall/Winter session for the Windham Youth CORE saw so much productivity and educational experiences for our youth. For our final workday of the season, the youth put together short presentations about what they learned and what values and experiences they have gained during their time so far in our program.

Below you will see direct quotes from some of the youth explaining what they learned.

AF writing about environmental justice:

“Just as our work includes, a sustainable solution should promote inclusivity, and make sure no one is left behind. An example of this includes us providing clean local food to prioritize our community’s limited access and ensure accessibility with the food boxes.”

BA writing about our time working with CLiCK and KDCROP Farms:

“It was eye opening just being able to realize how wide the community was in terms of just being capable of giving out to the community through our own efforts (Ex: The Pickles, etc.) Yeah sure us just giving out these products won’t fully solve the big issues of people without food but it’s a band aid that gives a clear signal to others that there are people out there who are willing to help them or the community which someday may lead them into wanting to help as well.”

CC writing about hydroponic farming:

“As it gets colder throughout the year, the community garden becomes obsolete as there is little to no heat for plants to grow. Alternatives lie in hydroponics, the process of growing plants indoors, paired with a specialized setup to mimic the effects of the outside environment. An ingenious workaround to provide families with food over the Winter, even if it is a temporary solution, it is sustainable, which is more than enough to give to those in need.”

RD writing about GROW Windham and community engagement:

“Grow Windham is committed to helping others, as shown by the time we’ve spent in the garden. This is important for us, as young members of the community, because it allows us to assist and encourage others to do the same.”

Members of the Youth CORE have done a stellar job these past several months, and are clearly very enthusiastic about teaching both themselves and other people how to make the world a better place.

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