Windham Middle School

The Windham Middle School has two school gardens, which bring beauty and nature to the school and also served as a community service opportunity for Windham Youth Services. Students, with the help from teachers, are able to learn beneficial ways to relax and to be respectful of things that they care about. The gardens are part of the identity of the community of Windham Middle School and help to create a positive school culture.

The gardens produce both flowers and vegetables with the gracious donations from many different groups. Some of the groups that dedicated both their time and materials are the Garden Club of Windham, GROW Windham, 4-H LIFT, Tech Ed, EASTCONN Summer Youth Employment and the Rotary Club.

The most recent garden, built in 2014, is on the side of the school, a fence-in area with raised beds available to teachers and the afterschool program.

The other is a courtyard garden that was first created as a memorial to commemorate the losses of teachers from the school and members in the community.  Over the years, the garden has gone through many improvements thanks to the whole school community working together.

The garden program thrived for years under the loving care of Elizabeth Espitia, Attendance Support Liaison, who passed away in 2016 after a brave battle with cancer.  Since then, the courtyard garden was renovated by the school staff and dedicated in her honor.

For more information on the Windham Middle School gardens, please contact the Windham Middle School at 860-465-2350.