Village Heights Apartments

Village Heights Community Garden was created in April-May of 2010 to benefit the residents of Village Heights in Windham, Connecticut. The garden serves as an opportunity for residents to participate in recreation as well as gain knowledge about vegetables and flowers.  It also functions as a healthy alternative in a natural environment.

Lynn and Joseph White from the ECSU Christian Fellowship and the residents of Village Heights have dedicated their time to take care of the garden. The garden is assisted with donations from the Growing Stronger/ Mentoring Service Program and the 180 Christian Fellowship of ECSU who also donated materials, as well as the Town of Windham who donated soil.

Since 2011, Garden Instructors from GROW Windham have worked with youth from the Village Heights Community Center Afterschool Program and Summer Camp to plant and maintain one of the garden beds. Students from the ACCESS Agency’s RISE Youth/Build Program also built two more beds adjacent to the Community Center that were planted by the Girl Scouts.

The Village Heights Community Garden provides a connection for residents with one another and with the Earth; residents are able to eat and enjoy. The community hopes to make improvements to further better the garden such as trimming trees adjacent to the garden to provide more sunlight.

For more information on the Village Heights Community Garden, please contact the Community Center at 860-456-1518.