GROW Windham Staff: (left to right) Carlisle, Sally, Kate, Cris, Erin, Samone, Jaron

Director  – Sally Milius

Sally Milius is a former high school teacher who decided that gardens were much more fun than classrooms and Willimantic the greatest community she could ever call home. In 2011, she co-founded GROW Windham with Alice Rubin, the general manager of the Willimantic Food Coop.    Since then, Sally has been learning from everyone she meets, about agriculture, community organizing, program management, youth development, and how to make a food system into a family.

Director K-8 Programs – Kate Callahan

Director of Communications – Cris Cadiz

A freelance writer who loves to garden, Cris came to GROW Windham as a volunteer. She made a documentary about the WAIM Community Garden in 2015 and is using her skills in marketing, public relations, website design, social media, etc. from her entrepreneurial background to help GW become more visible and connect with the world.

Windham Youth CORE Program Coordinator – Samone Jones-McCarthy

Samone Jones-McCarthy recently became a part of the GROW Windham family this past May. After graduating from Windham High in 2012 and from Eastern in 2016, Samone wanted to start her journey in promoting educational excellence in today’s youth. She will be the Youth Program Coordinator working with high school youth in the Windham area to raise awareness on social justice and food security through their garden at Lauter Park.

Garden Coordinator – Jaron Gaier

Jaron discovered his love for gardening in college, and has filled a variety of roles since graduating in ’12. He is very excited about his newest role, as the garden coordinator at the Thread City Family Garden.

FoodCorps – Carlisle Dockery

Carlisle Dockery joined GROW Windham as the FoodCorps Service Member for the 2016-2017 school year. Carlisle is a recent graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina. She works in Natchaug and North Windham Elementary schools during the school day as well as with after school programs in these schools and Windham High School. She works with teachers to provide resources for future growth of garden and nutrition programs in the schools and to lead hands on garden and cooking activities for students during the day.

AmeriCorps VISTA – Erin McMahon

Erin joined GROW Windham as an intern in the fall of 2015, and continued to volunteer through the spring semester of 2016. She graduated from UConn with a degree in Nutritional Sciences in May of 2016, and continued working at GROW Windham with the Willimantic Farmers’ Market. Erin then took on the role of being the AmeriCorps VISTA at GROW. Through this role she aids in building capacity for many of the GROW Windham projects, including the community gardens, the Windham Youth CORE, Windham Community Food Network and Willimantic Farmers’ Market.