Director  – Sally Milius

Sally Milius is a former high school teacher who decided that gardens were much more fun than classrooms and Willimantic the greatest community she could ever call home. In 2011, she co-founded GROW Windham with Alice Rubin, the general manager of the Willimantic Food Coop.

Garden Coordinator - Jaron Gaier

Jaron discovered his love for gardening in college, and has filled a variety of roles since graduating in '12. He is very excited about his newest role, as the garden coordinator at the Thread City Family Garden.

Windham Youth CORE Program Coordinator - Dianisi Torres

Dianisi is a current resident of Mansfield. Dianisi facilitates nutrition and cooking workshops for the diverse community of the Windham County and cultivates garden programs in different locations through her position at UConn College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Dianisi also coordinates the Windham Youth CORE program at GROW Windham.

Katherine A. Pérez Quiñones and Sydney Clements