School Programs

Since 2012,with the support of a FoodCorps Service Member, GROW Windham has collaborated with teachers from the Windham Public Schools to develop and implement a range of interdisciplinary food- and garden-based curricula, that are aligned with state and national education standards and connect kids with healthy food.

These curricula are now packaged into handbooks and lesson kits for teachers to implement independently:

“Little Chefs” — where K-2 students have the opportunity to learn literacy skills while simultaneously gaining practical kitchen skills as they learn to make and appreciate their own healthy snacks.

“Kids Dig In!” — for older elementary students, which combines hands-on garden-based science (“Little Scientists”) and nutrition (“Little Eaters”) units.

Veggie Superheroes — for upper elementary students, that combines nutrition education with cooking skills and art, as students design superheroes based on the nutritional benefits of featured fruits and vegetables.

Middle School Enrichment Units — including Healthy Cooking, Food Justice, and Community Gardening.