North Windham School

The North Windham School Garden was created in the Fall of 2012 as a collaboration between the North Windham School Before and Afterschool Program and GROW Windham, with support from the Beagary Charitable Foundation and volunteers from UConn and ECSU.

The garden was created to provide learning opportunities for students and to introduce them to healthy food and where it comes from. In addition, it serves as a teaching tool for the whole school to work together, learning about how to care for their environment and their health. In its first growing season, in addition to the before and after school program, there are three classrooms participating in garden-based activities in collaboration with GROW Windham’s FoodCorps Service Member. They are excited to grow herbs for the cafeteria to use, and also plan to donate some produce to the community as well. The students are planning a family night in May to show all that they have accomplished.

For more information on the North Windham Elementary School Garden, please contact principal Elizabeth Bumgardner: