Growers Resources


Below find resources for community gardens, urban growers, and other growers’ resources.


The following locations have gardens where residents and community members can participate in growing fresh food. Each garden has its own mission and organizing body. Please contact them directly for more information.

Village Heights Apartments

WRCC/Youth Services Garden

WAIM Community Garden

Taylor Court Community Garden

Marantha Community Garden


Soil Health

Urban Agriculture Toolkit

UConn Soil Test

Soil Quality Indicators

Soil Health Key Points

Soil Health Brochure

NCRS Soil & Site Scorecards

Cornell University Soil Test

Health Soils Checklist

Plant Rooting Depth


Water Quality & Conservation

Water Quality Brochure

Water Conservation Brochure

Rain & Soil Lesson

QT Keep Our Water Clean

Long Island Sound Report Card 2016


Integrated Pest Management

Vegetable & Strawberry Pest Identification Guide

Vegetable & Strawberry Pest Identification Guide

Plants for Pollinators




Plant a Row

This annual program allows community members to help their neighbors by growing an extra row in their gardens and donating the produce to Covenant Soup Kitchen.

GROW Windham provides free seeds and/or seedlings to interested volunteers. Watch our calendar and Facebook page for more information in the spring.


Solid Ground Farmer Training

GROW Windham is one of six Agriculture Learning Centers across the state that have partnered with UCONN Extension to help provide targeted training, mentoring, and one-on-one technical assistance customized to meet the needs of beginning farmers in Connecticut.

Miscellaneous PDF Files/Print Guides

Vegetable Families

Fishing Guide

Drip Irrigation Installation Guide

Compost Brochure